Thursday, April 24, 2014

Naked Eggs!

Naked eggs are my FAVORITE writing piece! So, I actually don't teach Science. I switch with a teacher across the hall. She teaches Science and I teach Social Studies. Fine. But, I like Science. Since procedural writing is pretty important, we create NAKED EGG EXPERIMENTS during writing time!

So, all you have to do is put a raw egg in a cup with vinegar. And leave it. The next day, run the egg under water and rub gently. Sometimes they burst and it's gross, so I always have some extra eggs in vinegar. But as you rub, the shell will dissolve, and the egg ill be rubbery.

Next, stick the egg back in the cup with vinegar for another night. It will get the rest of the shell off and the egg will get BIGGER.

So, I've done this writing piece a few ways, but last year, I let the kids enjoy this whole process. Then, I had them write experiments for what they wanted to do next. I gave them some guidelines, but basically they could put that egg in anything, for a set amount of time, and they had to predict what would happen, but we called it a hypothesis. Because we were being scientific.

Here are some ideas they came up with:
-Put the naked egg in regular water. Or regular water with dye.
-Put the naked egg in salt water.
-Add baking soda to the vinegar. (This kid knew his science. It was messy. To say the least.)
-Put the naked egg in Mountain Dew. (Cooler than you'd expect.)
-And many more!

So, they wrote up complete experiments, and once they were written up, we carried out the experiments. While we waited the amount of time specified in their write ups, we published and observed. It was a lot of fun! Check out the pictures below!

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