Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Donors Choose

I looooove Donors Choose! I used it a few years back, forgot about, and got back on it recently. And I looooove it. And do you know why I suddenly love it oh so much? Because I requested a Kindle Fire for my classroom and my project was funded!!!! A brand new Kindle Fire HD with a protective case will arrive at my classroom next week, all thanks to FABULOUS donors from all over! I have two more requests for Kindles on Donors Choose...hoping to get a nice center activity area for Daily Five AND for math!

If you don't use Donors should! You basically fill out information about your school, kiddos, request, how your request will help your teaching, how you'll use the get the gist. Next, the website posts your project, and people donate. I've had other teachers donate, anonymous donors, businesses, etc. Anyway, you have a four month deadline to get your project funded. Sometimes things don't get funded, but a lot of times they do! All you have to do in return, when you receive the items you requested, is take some pictures of your class using the items, write some thank you letters about how appreciative you are, and VOILA! Awesome new gadgets for your classroom donated by people who just want the best for our kiddos!

So, try it! The link is below. What's the worst that can happen? Maybe you'll get a free Kindle, too! Or whatever your heart desires to make you teaching even better!

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