Thursday, April 17, 2014

Family Letters for the Grade 4 Math Modules

In my school, we started creating Parent Letters to send home with students in order to help ease parents into the CCLS Math Modules. In fourth grade, I created family letters for each topic within each module. The letters are meant to be printed double sided, with the overview on the front side and the terminology on the backside.

I had oodles of parent questions during Module 1. Once the parent letters were sent home (and I started attaching the homework to the completed/checked problem set and exit ticket) I have not received one single question about math from parents. It's amazing.

I'm attaching a Googledoc with a sample of our Module 6 Topic A Parent Letter. If you're interested in the rest of grade 4 (I made them for all 7 modules), or parent letters for 3rd grade and 5th grade, check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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