Monday, April 28, 2014

Fair isn't everybody getting the same thing...

Fair is everybody getting what they need in order to be SUCCESSFUL.

I love that quote. So much so, that it hangs in a picture frame on my wall when you walk in the classroom.  I have a tons of cheap dollar store picture frame all over the wall next to the door in my classroom. Class rules, quotes, pictures, fist to five...etc. One AWESOME frame has my class picture from when I was in fourth grade. And the caption is, "Can you find Miss Caminiti in HER fourth grade class picture?"

Nobody ever can!

I had mega-huge glasses and wore some kind of tribal vest with beads hanging off of it. Not really my 2014 style. Anyway, this is a cute idea. I thought I would take it down in the beginning of the year, but the kiddos stare at the picture while we line up and they like it!

Oh yea, and I hot glued those frames to the wall.

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