Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Make Class T-Shirts

When I was a newbie teacher, I had my heart set on making class t-shirts. I thought it would unify us, and make finding kiddos during field trips a breeze. So, I had the kiddos bring in a white t-shirt, and I ironed on class pictures. It was fine. It worked. The pictures started peeling off after being washed a few times. Not cool to see your students' faces peeling off by June.

So I started researching. I found this AWESOME website that sells screenprinted t-shirts. I've been using them for YEARS! Every September, one of my welcome to the class activities is to use a fine tip Sharpie and draw your face on an index card. Obviously we talk about defining characteristics, like bangs, glasses, freckles, curls, etc. Then, the kiddos write their first name underneath the picture. Once everyone, including myself, has finished their index card, I collect $8 from each child, we vote on a t-shirt color, and I mail the designs into Whitney Daniel Designs. A few weeks later, VOILA! Awesome t-shirts!

My kiddos wear these t-shirts for field trips, special days at school, regular days, whenever!

Click here to check out the Whitney Daniels Designs Website!

More pictures to come!

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