Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm trying Stitchfix!

Okay, so I read about this sweet website from Emily over at Style Closet to Classroom. Basically, you head over to Stitchfix. You fill out a style profile, and schedule a shipment. It's $20 for a stylist to select five items for your Stitchfix delivery, but if you decide to purchase any items, that $20 goes towards the price of the goodies. Your Stitchfix stylist will use your style profile to pick out what they think you'll like. Now, here's the biggest reason I decided to sign up...the stylists will take you a tad bit out of your comfort zone at times, and let's be real, I need that! I need someone to shake me up a bit and mix some colors and patterns into my world!

So, I worked up the courage to sign up, and I'm waiting until May 27! This is totally going to be my...YAY YOU DID IT STATE TESTING IS OVER AND SUMMER IS ALMOST to myself. Oh wait, fourth grade still has a state science test the first week in June. Well, state tests are ALMOST over. And summer is ALMOST here.

Anyway, I'm excited to see what Emily receives in her Stitchfix delivery this week, and I hope it will just make me even more excited to receive my own delivery!!!

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