Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mountain Math

So, I teach math using centers. I will teach one group while the other kiddos work on their center folders, and then we switch. Center folders have review materials, written expression mini book aligned with the modules, Everyday Math games, computer games, and iPad games. All in all, it's a fun block in my day and usually runs smoothly!

I bought Mountain Math last year and really enjoyed working it into my centers. It's a giant flip chart and there are 36 pages. I guess you should flip it every week, but we do it every two weeks or so. The cool idea about Mountain Math is that there are 24 questions on the flip chart, and there is ONE worksheet that you make copies of. It's oh so easy! Each of the 24 questions on the flip chart has MULTIPLE questions on the worksheet. Like, question 1, for example is just a number on the flip chart, but there are like ten question 1s on the worksheet, all about that number! Talking even/odd, place value questions, etc. Totally awesome!

I bought the fourth grade grade flip chart. Fine. I teach fourth grade. Kinda. The majority of my average learners can't use Mountain Math until, like, January. If I could go back, I probably would have bought the third grade version. That way it would be a review for the kiddos during centers. In my classroom, the higher achieving kids learned how to use Mountain Math in September and then taught other kids as the year progressed.

Since I bought my Mountain Math, I went online to their website and noticed a lot more CCLS related products. Maybe a purchase order could be used on their website? Or you could check out the website and create your own version, because once you have a flip chart, it really runs itself as a math center!

Mountain Math Link

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