Monday, April 14, 2014

Day One of Official Vacation!

I consider today the first OFFICIAL day of Spring Break. I mean, we ALWAYS get weekends off, so today was the first day of sleeping in and relaxing! Naturally, I "slept in" until 6:00am. Darn you automatic alarm living inside my head! Anyway, I was productive! I got a new front door installed AND I painted it myself! It has one of those super awesome cool keypad thingamajigs where I can just punch in a code without using a key to unlock it! So when I'm juggling my adorbzies Verra Bradley lunch bunch, two teacher bags (one for the laptop and one for the loads of paperwork), cell phone, and various other whatchamacallits, I won't have to then dump everything on the porch in order to sift through the collection of bags until I unearth my hidden keys! I am SUPER DUPER excited! I moved into my house almost a year ago and the home improvements have been slow going. Sometimes my projects turn into Pinterest fails! I also wrote up a new novel study to use after vacation on James and the Giant Peach. (Banned booklists? Maybe. But fourth grade kiddos kinda love this book when doing an independent novel study. I know they'll actually read it!) This weekend, I've been slowly making my way through the stack of books I brought home to create novel studies for. I did a whole bunch of Roald Dahl...which are short and helped ease me into getting some work done this vacation! Now, onto the three Andrew Clements books and The Westing Game. Ever read that one? It was a total page turner!!! Murder mystery. My high level students zipped right through it last year! I have a few hard to please high readers that might get a kick out of it this year! We shall see! And when my handyman came over to help me with a few odd jobs today he said, "You're a teacher, right? Teachers are always fitting a lot into their vacations." He hit the nail on the head! Happy Spring break, everyone!!!

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