Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bright Ideas About Creating an Awesome Classroom Meeting Area!

Here's a BRIGHT idea...

Classroom decor. It's so much fun! So, last year, I decided to go with black and white polka dots with splashes or blue or hot pink. Very cool. And pretty easy. Anyway, my biggest project that year was created an AWESOME meeting area for Daily Five, and then Pinterest came through!

Someone else had flipped vertical bookshelves on the sides, and made cushions for them. So, I headed off to IKEA, bought two cheap white bookcases, and built them. They were STURDY! Next, I went to JoAnn's and got foam and fabric to make the cushions. In addition, I picked up the white pillows with black polka dots for a dollar a piece in IKEA. Finally, I headed to the dollar store to get those plastic bins for underneath. instant math center organization!

This was an easy DIY project that has lasted and held up really nicely! I definitely suggest you trying it.

This is our meeting area for Daily Five, organization center for math, and the easel is used for read aloud story boards.

Magnetic poetry is on the file cabinet, too! And CRAFT is above the meeting area for quick reference.

Those pink and white tables have WHITEBOARD paint on top! I got it from Home Depot. I painted the tops and kiddos use Expo markers to keep score for boggle, practice vocabulary words, or write math problems.

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