Saturday, January 18, 2014

You wrote WHAT?!?!

Not sure if I’ve told this story yet. Stop me if you’ve heard it. And by stop me, I mean just click on another super awesome post.

Okay, so I was being quite the brilliant teacher when teaching the events leading up to the American Revolution last year. We would learn about an event that totally angered the colonists, and then the kiddos would write a letter to King George III from the perspective of the colonist. Very exciting for fourth graders. I mean, come on, word choice gallore! The kiddos REALLY got into this! I mean, they were livid! (And yes, they used the word “livid” frequently in these letters!)

Anyway, one day I’m reading through the letters and I get to one. It says, and I quote:

“King George, I am so mad I want to pour hot cocoa all over your t***!”


Being the totally awkward person that I am, I gave the writing piece back to this little friend and said that I felt uncomfortable reading it and that he should fix it immediately. And as long as it was fixed we could forget about this. Seriously, do I want to call a parent and say THAT word? Noooooooo!

So he hands it in AGAIN and AGAIN that word is there! The kid had the guts to leave it.

I fumed. I saw red. Here I was giving him a break and he didn’t even want to take it! So, I marched him into the hallway and pulled out my phone.

“Call your mother.”

“What?!?!?! But Miss…”

“Call her and tell her what you wrote.”

So, he did. Sobbing the entire time. He left a message. Yep, I didn’t even have to say the word to a parent! Loophole!

I did, however, have to write THAT word in the referral.

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