Saturday, January 18, 2014

Brilliant Teacher Moments - WRITING INSPIRATION

Can we have a brilliant teacher idea share moment? I started my writing time this year with a read aloud, The Writer’s Notebook by Ralph Fletcher. I would read a chapter a day to start our writing block. Each chapter gave ideas on how to use a writer’s notebook, so after reading the chapter, kiddos had about 15 minutes to practice the new ideas independently. Since very few new fourth graders have that almighty stamina, this was PLENTY of time to sit and write. Seriously. For was a little much.

Anyway, it took us about a month to read the book, but by the end, I had more experienced writers who figured out what free writing really was. They had pages of writing ideas in their notebooks. They had tons of stories started. They knew how to DISCUSS and SHARE writing ideas. Honestly, they were a little bunch of writers. SCORE!

And you know what? The majority of my lovely kiddos tend to like writing each year. Well, you know, there’s always that one who stares at the ceiling and pretends to be thinking for the entire writing block, holding his book upside down, rolling the story starter cubes eight million times, editing peer's writing instead of doing any of his own writing, etc…any ideas on reaching that special friend? Because you KNOW we all have one!

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