Saturday, January 18, 2014

You get a referral. You get a referral. EVERYBODY GETS REFERRALS!

Ha! If you get that post title, we can be friends.

My teacher from across the hall and I shared some subjects. I taught a few to both of our classes, and so did she. We could become experts in those subjects, and cut down on our individual planning time. Win win! Anyway, one day, my one boy was acting up. And when this kiddo acts up he throws major shade in all directions. Personal stuff! Like, aims to hurt the people who care the most. AKA me. Needless to say, by the time our classes were ready to switch, I was ready for a break from him.

I tend to teach with my door open, and so does my across the hall neighbor. Fire violation shmire violation…it can be darn hot in our rooms and the cross breeze is refreshing! Anyway, that is how I came to witness the epic meltdown.

Apparently, my little friend had been refusing to do work with the other teacher. Go figure. It was one of those days. So, she asked him to do the work in the hallway since everyone else completed it when they were told and were now watching an educational movie for review. He refused to leave the room…and chose to start yelling in “Chinese” to the class. Yup. “Chinese.” I put it in quotes because he speaks not a lick of the language. It was just a tad racist. Just. A. Tad.

Finally, this kid decides to go into the hallway. BUT he also decides to keep opening and closing the door obnoxiously. As the behavior is addressed by my saintly across the hall neighbor, this kid calls her a bitch. Yup. A bitch. A fourth grader called his teacher THAT. In front of the whole class. I can imagine their little mouth agape.

Several behavior referrals later, from both myself and the teacher across the hall, I discovered that my brand new school does not discipline the kiddos. A good talking to is just fine, apparently. Awesome.

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