Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Minor Setback

While working at my first fourth grade job, I was laid off due to budget cuts and it pretty much sucked. It was upsetting that I was becoming a really great teacher, working hard, gaining acceptance from my colleagues, and suddenly it would be over. I also got a wee bit bitter after being laid off. I started thinking about the other teachers at that school who were both fabulous and not so fabulous, and how I deserved a job over the not so fabulous ones. Like the teacher man who was late to pick his class up from special one day because he decided to take a nap in his truck and overslept. Yup. True. Story.

Anyway, I went on countless job interviews that spring and didn’t get hired until August. It was torture, thinking I might have to do something other than teach. The funny thing is, in August I was offered three different positions. I wound up taking another fourth grade job because…

1. I. Know. Fourth. Grade.

2. I. Love. Fourth. Grade.

3. It was the closest school to my apartment.

And so, another new school adventure began.

Anyway, nowadays, I talk with countless wannabe teachers, people working as substitutes and applying for jobs every day. It makes me realize how lucky I am. I may not be totally in love with my school and job every day...there just might be a few kiddos that make me want to yank my hair out and burst into tears (Okay, yea, I have totally cried on the drive home due to the harsh words and actions of one or two kiddos.)...but I really am lucky to go to work every day and pretty much look forward to the day.

Unless it's a field trip. Those days make my head spin.

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