Saturday, January 18, 2014

Innnneresting Teacher Gifts Part Dos

Speaking of interesting gifts, I’ve had my fair share over the years. This one year, I opened up a Jesus figurine that was also a jewelry box. True story.

That same year, I received a gift from one of my top students. She was probably the nicest kid ever. Smart, sweet, respectiful, just lovely. One of those kids you want to have in your class every year.

Anyway, this little lady shyly handed me the gift the day before winter break. I opened it slowly, and as I peered into the box, I seriously had absolutely no idea what it was.

I was peering at a square of wood with a circular indent in the middle. There was also a glass tube filled with liquid. My little friend eagerly helped me, pulling out the contents of the box and inserting the glass tube into the wooden base.

“It’s a barometer, Miss!”

It looked phallic.

And I had a sneaking suspicion that her parents knew it when they bought it and had a nice laugh at my expense. Because my face was cherry red.

Ironically, a year later I was moving from one apartment into another. I had put that phallus shaped barometer on my mantel and was packing it up when it exploded all over my hand. True story. My roommate thought it was pretty hilarious, actually.

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