Monday, January 20, 2014

This one time...

This one time, I went to school with my dog and no other teachers were there. Totally empty building. So, I let the dog off the leash so she could run around a bit. We were having a fine time until she wanders into the auditorium. She went into a closet. I figured it didn't matter...she was trapped, right? Only she didn't come out, so I had to go in. I come to find a door inside the closet, which led to some creepy basementy type hallway...and as I walked down the hallway, the ceiling. got. shorter.

No joke. And the whole hallway got darker.

I must have discovered a secret passageway of sort, but all I could think about was getting my dog and getting out of there. I was so scared that my little puppers had found a secret way out of the school and was long gone, I forgot to be frightened of the horror movie hallway I was currently wandering down.

Eventually, I think my frantic calls made their way to my pup's ears and she realized that I was losing it. She came back to me. Filthy. Before I had to resort to crawling through the, well, crawl space.

Moral of the story? Dog stay on a leash while at school. No exceptions. Except in my classroom with the door closed. Okay, one exception.

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