Friday, January 17, 2014

Substitute Teacher Plans

So, I had to take a personal day today. UGH! Is that not the WORST? I know what non-teachers say...that we get a day off. But a day off from school is actually much MUCH more work. I spent all week creating sub plans. They were LONG. DETAILED. I prepped my kids yesterday. They KNOW what is going on in school today. While I sat in the doctor's office I was picturing chaos and insanity ensuing in my lovely little classroom. Oh yea, and then there's the dreaded sub note I will find ominously sitting on my desk when I return.

Anyway, I have some strategies to help sick days and personal days run a little smoother. First of all, my class is well-trained always. They know the routine and usually correct each other without a teacher having to do so. Next, I have a nifty sub binder. It is bright pink and sitting on my back counter. It is FILLED with class lists, bus lists, sick day sub plans, classroom routines, referrals, attendance slips, lunch slips, calendars, etc. IN ADDITION, I have a SUB TUB. I've seen this on Pinterest and decided to create my own. Inside my SUB TUB, I have emergency activities, totally read. A few math games, some Scholastic magazines, etc.

Even with all of these precautions in place, a day away from school is still stressful. I've checked my email 4 times already!

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