Saturday, January 18, 2014

Teachers Pay Teachers

So, I recently began presenting workshops at my Teacher Resource Center, which is QUITE intimidating. Especially because I appear to be approximately 12 years old. And here I am telling other teachers, older teachers, how they should maybe possibly be running their classroom. Scary stuff. Anyway, my workshops actually went pretty well. Once the participants got over the initial shock of a 12 year old presenting, they seemed to enjoy my little show.

After a workshop, the woman in charge of our Teacher Resource Center noticed some of my novel studies that I brought to share. She suggested that I sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers and maybe make a little extra money. What teacher doesn't need some extra dough, right? Right-o!

Here is a link to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I figure, I've bought enough on that website, maybe someone would be interested in my goodies?


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