Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tried It Tuesday

Let's link up with Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried It Tuesday!

So, I have a strict no talking in the hallway policy. We call this "Level Zero" in my school. I line my kiddos up in a boy line and a girl line, and we walk silently to specials. They can only talk when they raise their hand and I call on them. We do a lot of math fluency practice in the hallway in the beginning of the year, and just fun review questions as the year progresses. Anyway, this system works for us!

Now, sometimes there are kiddos who are not quite hallway-ready. They forget about waiting to be called on, you know. It happens. For a long time now, I would use my numbered popsicle sticks, pull one out before leaving the room, and when we reached our destination I would reveal the stick number and if that child earned the class a hallway compliment, lunch bunch, extra five minutes of recess, whatever it may be. This works nicely. (Oh, also, when the kiddo does not behave, I don't tell the class who it was...I just say that we didn't earn our surprise.)

Anyway, I found a sweet resource to supplement this "mystery walker" motivator I've been oh so fond of over the years. Clutter-Free Classroom has a FREE resource on Tpt that goes along wonderfully with this the mystery walker idea! (She calls them "secret walker." Same premise!)

So, I tried this secret walker certificates this week and they were a big hit! Of course, I printed them in color because they are super duper adorable!

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