Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tried It Tuesday: Stitch Fix

Let's link up with Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried It Tuesday!

My Stitch Fix arrived!

Pretty, pretty box!

Opening it...


No, thank YOU, Stitch Fix. :)

I didn't even want to open this; it looked too pretty.

So, the scarf is the pineapple and tan. I was not a fan, so that went back. But just getting this first glance, I was excited about the colors!

Super cute, and oh so soft. Unfortunately, it was too big. I'm fairly petite and it's tough to find clothing that fit appropriately.

VERY cute. Totally my style. Except, this was a thick wool, and it was a bit bulky. Plus, the arm holes were large, so you could see right in. It was returned!

I loved the colors here, but the dress was too long and the fit was a bit awkward for me.

Okay, so this shirt was a bit large. But it was so soft and a fun cut and an adorable color, so I kept it. I'm hoping it shrinks a tiny bit in the wash, but even if it doesn't, it's comfy and will look nice with leggings or skinny jeans.

So, there you have it! My very first Stitch Fix! It was a ton of fun, and definitely helped me branch out from my comfort zone. I will definitely be trying it again, but haven't scheduled my next fix yet.


  1. How brave you are to try Stitch Fix! I have seen numerous posts on Instagram but have yet to try for myself. I wear crazy brights to school courtesy of the cheap Gap clearance racks ($16 pants this past weekend, score!) I may be too much of a bargain shopper BUT we all need to indulge now and then. ;)

    I applaud you and maybe I will bite the bullet and try for myself! :)


    1. I've found SO many good deals over the years ($1 LEI ballet flats this weekend in various colors!) that I figured I might as well try something new! Plus, I tend to buy the same style and colors over and over again, so I thought this might help me branch out a bit! Definitely a fun experience!

      Check out http://www.theboxqueen.com for other neat delivery services! I devoured this girl's blog!

  2. I love what I see! I love fun colors and styles, but I tend to buy the same things all the time. I'm hoping to try Stitch Fix soon!

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