Friday, May 9, 2014

Fist to Five

One of the protocols I discovered on EngageNY was Fist to Five. I really liked this type of formative assessment because it was quick and easy! If you haven't used it, basically it goes like this. You hold up five fingers if you totally got what the teacher was saying. 4 if you basically understand it. 3 fingers if you got some of it, but might need a few things re-explained later. 2 if you have a lot of questions still. 1 if you're really didn't understand most of the lesson. And a fist if you basically dozed off during the lesson.

Let's hope this works...
I'm linking my GoogleDocs up. I want to share the Fist to Five posters I've made, along with some other fancy schmancy consequences/rewards posters. Enjoy!

Fist to Five

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