Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Collaboration Cuties Mentor Text Link Up

I'm linking up with the girls over at Collaboration Cuties! I really enjoy their mentor text linky parties because I am a HUGE advocate for read alouds in the intermediate classrooms, whether they are picture books or chapter books!

I selected a variety of AWESOME mentor texts I use in writing as mentor texts. I use WritingFix as a reliable tool when generating creative lessons. Sometimes I use the lessons from the website, tweak them a bit and use parts, or just incorporate their check list post its into my lessons.

(Idea Development)
I love this book! It is HILARIOUS! The kids in my fourth grade class loved it, too! It's basically a book of "rules" that grown ups make up and tell kids, and how grown ups explain those rules. Then, the rule is explained...like, what it REALLY means!

(Idea Development)

This book is really quite captivating. It's about a boy who declare the new kid his ENEMY! He tells his dad, who promptly decides to make enemy pie. In order to give enemy pie to the new kid, our main character must befriend his enemy, spend a whole day with him, and invite him over for enemy pie. Of course, by the end of the day the boys are friends...and enemy pie is just regular pie!

(Idea Development)

(Organization/Questioning Skills)
I use the book Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor to develop interesting lessons to teach comprehension strategies. This book is IDEAL to use when teaching Questioning. I use TONS of wordless picture books to teach kiddos how to question a text in a meaningful way. David Weisner is a fabulous resource for these types of books.

Hook your reader! 
But really, this book gets my boys and girls. Although I've used the WritingFix lesson about organization, I really like reading this book when we are discussing voice in writing, too. 

So, the lesson here is about monologue. Don't Eat Me! monologues, to be specific. Which is pretty much a blast to write and share! I've also used this book to introduce any persuasive writing we're doing in class because the book is one big persuasive writing piece!

Fly Away Home
I use this text for inferencing. But really, it is just one of my all time favorite read alouds. It's about a boy who is homeless and lives in an airport with his dad. I like using this book to teaching "hooking" your reader as well, because, right from the very first sentence, the kids fall silent and are totally into the text.

Voices in the Park
This book is awesome for perspective. And voice! It's the same story told from different perspectives. Handwriting (font) changes. There are also some deep issues about why different character have these points of view, and reading this text can lead to some heavy discussions.

The Three Questions
I only read this book with my highest fourth graders, but it's interesting to get a fourth grade student's  perspective on this story about a boy who wants to be a good person, but isn't sure how to go about it.


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  1. Hi Meg! Great choices! The Secret Life of Grownups is one of my favorites. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. My kiddos love The Secret Life of Grownups! :)