Friday, May 2, 2014

May Currently

I'm linking up with Farley from Oh Boy Fourth Grade for May Currently!

Listening: to Kitchen Nightmares
I can't help it. I really love this show. I'm addicted.

Loving: snuggling with my puppy.
Come on. She's pretty adorable. And there is no better way to end a week filled with math state tests than hanging around with my cute pup, Lucy. 

Thinking: about starting some Science test prep.
Yes, I can admit that I am a bit crazy. But with ELA and Math under our belts, we still have one more state test this year...SCIENCE! I made some adorbzies mini review books on concepts like adaptations and food chains to use next week. I also find a neat Scholastic book of short reads and crosswords on topics that need some refreshing. Brainpop is always pretty reliable for reviewing, too!

Wanting: to plan some really innovative and exciting writing lessons!
I do this really cool writing portfolio every year. Right near the end of the school year, I have kiddos wear a chef's hat and pose with a pizza box in front of a red and white checked table cloth. I print the pictures and glue them to pizza boxes. Inside the pizza boxes, we put our published writing pieces. We make a table of contents using a menu format. It's cute and it's easy for parents to store and save.

BUT...I am in need of some fresh writing lessons and fun pieces for the end of the school year. I did Black Out Poetry this week, and plan on writing Perspective Poetry next week. Kids will take on the perspective of an inanimate object and write the poem from that point of view. They enjoy guessing the inanimate objects "speaking" while listening to their classmates' poems. The Black Out Poetry was a relaxing activity after testing this week! I just need...more!

Black Out Poetry
I copy pages from old read alouds that we've done. It's a fun reminder of texts we read this year. Kiddos use Sharpies to circle the words that belong in their poem, which may have nothing to do with the book the page is from. Next, the students design a pattern using the Sharpie. Lots of my kids used a highlighter to make their poem stand out!

Needing: to call an electrician.
My friend used my downstairs bathroom today and informed me that it is like a disco in there, strobing away! Definitely not something I can fix on my own. I love a good DIY project, but wires should be left to the professionals!

Surprise: A parent emailed me today letting me know that his son enjoyed the state test!
Ha! This one made me giggle. A kid who enjoyed the state test? Cool. Probably not completely accurate. He is probably just relieved that it is over and he knew what he was doing. And he did know what he was doing. He had a pretty awesome teacher leading the way. :)


  1. Ok we have a new puppy and she does not sleep! Something must be wrong with her, she's wild! Your pup is adorable!

    A Primary Owl

    1. Haha! I call Lucy a pup, but she just turned two. She has definitely calmed down and become much sleepier recently!

    2. Haha! I call Lucy a pup, but she just turned two. She has definitely calmed down and become much sleepier recently!

  2. Your pup is so cute! Definitely looks like the perfect snuggle companion! ;-)
    Fun and Fearless in First