Monday, May 5, 2014

Daily Five: Listen to Reading

I love the Daily Five. I really really do. Part of the Daily Five I didn't implement in fourth grade, at first, was Listen to Reading. I wasn't sure how to work it into the intermediate grades. And then I realized that I had CDs with our Basal stories on it. I actually really love our Basal's the activities that go along with it that I despise. Oh, and how it seems as though they are meant to be taught whole group and I certainly do not teach much whole group in my class.

Anyway, I set up the listening center with whiteboard tables (painted myself with whiteboard paint), cd player, textbooks to follow along, a picture frame to write page numbers and track numbers with Expo, and a poster stating the title as well as three tricky vocabulary words from the text.

My kids bring in their own headphones to keep in their book boxes.

Here is a sample of a listening trifold with questions that I created to go about with the Reading Street Grade 4 Basal text.

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