Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Positive Thinking Thursday

I am linking up with Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for Positive Thinking Thursday! 

Last week, my fourth graders and I were working through an EngageNY math lesson from module 6 about decimals. About halfway through I made a comment about our group moving really quickly through the lesson. One of my boys was like, "Yea. Because it's easy."

It got me thinking. Was this really an easy lesson? Or had we just worked so hard all year that it was paying off? We were picking up challenging concepts quickly because we understood the math behind it all. Of course, my thinking is usually out loud, so I said all of this to my group of kiddos. They were like, "Miss C, we HAVE worked hard all year and we've learned A LOT of math, so now we just get it. It IS easy!"

It was a really nice math lesson.

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  1. I really like that idea. It's great to see it when the class can get tricky ideas and complete more complicated challenges because they have a sound understanding and a solid understanding of the basics. You must have done a great job with them this year!
    Growing Little Learners