Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tech Thursday

I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio for Tech Thursday!

I really love the iPad app EPIC!!! I use it during my Daily Five for Read to Self/Listen to Reading. Basically, it's a $4.99 Netflix-type app for reading books BUT it's FREE for educators!!! So cool. I got my free subscription (free for life, FYI.), added my student names, and started using the app right away. Kids log in, find their name, and start choosing books based on their reading level and interests. Some are books that will read aloud to the kids, and others the kids read on their own. As the teacher, I can track how long it took kids to read a book (if they are just flipping through or really reading, and if they give up on a book after 20 seconds). Plus, there are tons of recognizable books, and different books for kids to experience. Anyway, for a free app, it's definitely worth checking out!

Try Epic, ASAP! :)

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