Friday, August 22, 2014

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week for Five For Friday! 

I've blogged about this before...and moaned about how expensive it is and how I do not have a login through my district! Welp, turns out that you can get a FREE NYC library card online and then you will have access to BOOKFLIX for free! Plus other awesomeness, like Tumblebooks! HOW COOL? THIS INFORMATION MADE MY WEEK.

Here is a recap about Bookflix:
Basically, there are PAIRED nonfiction-fiction texts. One is movie-version....but still has text, just more motion-y movements, movie-like. The other is the book, page flipping version. There is the option of the books being read aloud to you or not. Words are highlighted as they are read. There are additional activities, like puzzles and games to go along with each text. I love it!

Each classroom teacher at my school has an iPad in the classroom, so I am totally using my iPad and Belkin splitter to make another listening center focused on this website. To use it on an ipad, I figured out that you should download the free Puffin app first, and then save the website into that app. Works like a dream!

Some great websites I signed my new class up for this year:

Math site. Cool because as kiddos sign in, the program tracks questions they get right or wrong. Then, the questions get easier or harder for the child. And the teacher gets progress reports emailed to them. FREE!

ELA and Math questions. Not as much fun as scoot pad...but sends progress reports to the teacher and has individual logins. FREE!

Kiddos work on math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), one operation at a time until they reach mastery. FREE!
We've been at our local BOCES three days this week doing some hardcore MATH curriculum work.

I seriously got work done, and it was great...although a teensy bit exhausting. It's tough to sit at a computer all day! I'd much rather be in the classroom with the kiddos!

All of the second grade math goodies I made during curriculum writing went right on TpT, if you're interested! Reviews for each module, lessons, games, topic by topic formative assessments, etc.

My little blonde dog was cuddling with her dark haired buddy while I dog sat last week. 
How precious?

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  1. I'm so jealous about the Book Flix account through NY Public Library. Wish they'd do that down here in DC! :) Cute dogs!!
    Laura K.

    Ms. Pretzel's Super 2nd Grade Bugs