Friday, August 15, 2014

Five For Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week for Five For Friday! 

A teacher in another district told me about this AWESOME site. You DO need to pay for a login. Maybe your district already has this login?

Basically, there are PAIRED nonfiction-fiction texts. One is movie-version....but still has text, just more motion-y movements, movie-like. The other is the book, page flipping version. There is the option of the books being read aloud to you or not. Words are highlighted as they are read. There are additional activities, like puzzles and games to go along with each text. I love it!

Each classroom teacher at my school has an iPad in the classroom, so I am totally using my iPad and Belkin splitter to make another listening center focused on this website. To use it on an ipad, I figured out that you should download the free Puffin app first, and then save the website into that app. Works like a dream!

I've completely update my classroom website!
I switched it over from fourth grade to second grade, and I feel GREAT!!!

We've been at our local BOCES three days this week doing some hardcore ELA curriculum work.
Seriously, I think sitting in a room at a computer all day is WAY more exhausting than teaching kiddos all day.
Is that just me?
I've been furiously designing second grade curriculum this summer! My favorite new TpT products are aligned with the second grade math modules on EngageNY.

I found a fairy house on my walk with my puppy this summer.
How cute!

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