Sunday, February 23, 2014

Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage

So, I first came in contact with this book last year, and decided to read it aloud to my class after state testing. We hadn't done a mystery read aloud, and the main character, Mo, seemed quite captivating an humorous. My fourth grade kiddos were SO into this text! They morphed into mini detectives, creating predictions based on clues presented in the text, racing to solve the mystery before the author's reveal. Although it is another longer text, it was a good read aloud and held the student's attention. There were a few naughty words that I blacked out in the text, but nothing horrifying. I'm just super cautious.

Here is the summary. Mo was abandoned as a baby. Miss Lana and the Colonel take her in and care for her. Flashforward 12 years. There is a murder in their small town of Tupelo Landing, so Mo and her best friend Dale take the case. I can't give away much more, but it really is an awesome read! Try it!

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