Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rochester Area Literacy Council Workshop

This past weekend, I went to a workshop presented by the Rochester Area Literacy Council. I selected to attend two different sessions, one pertaining to writing on tests and another about guided reading and how it really does fit the CCLS.

So, the writing on tests session...pretty informative. A TON on how to word questions when you're teaching so that they mirror the state test questions. Lots of resources, like 2 point and 4 point rubrics in student friendly lingo. I already have grand plans of using our school poster maker to blow up the rubrics as a constant reference as we approaching testing time. All in all, the workshop was worthwhile.

Next, I attended a session about guided reading, which started off by proving to all of us that guided reading really does fit in with the CCLS and we shouldn't do away with it. Seeing as this was a room of teacher, I doubt anyone doubted that guided reading is essential. Administrators? Maybe. But not the people in that room. This session quickly turned to how to use close readings in your guided reading. I'm doing this already, but I really enjoyed the resources presented. One blog that was shared with us is particularly helpful, and has TONS of free close reading resources. It is really awesome.

Just visit this blog. If you dig a little, you'll find a wealth of resources that you can use immediately! I'm teaching the "Saving a Baby Elephant" article tomorrow!

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