Saturday, February 8, 2014

Making Five Minute Ice Cream in a Bag

Eveery Friday, my class celebrates FUN FRIDAY! Basically, kids who did all of their classwork and homework receive a half hour and fun activities. This week, I planned five minute ice cream in a bag!

So, I spent some time putting cream and vanilla extract in little plastic baggies, and put those into bigger plastic baggies. Next, the kids and I went outside in the freezing cold and put snow into the big plastic bag. We spent 2 minutes outside and froze our buns off.

After that, we went inside and SHOOK OUR BAGS!!! Five minutes of shaking a plastic bag of snow is seriously a blast. The kiddos were grinning from ear to ear. And then I look over to see the one kid who was taking it too far, slapping her baggies on a small table. Let's think this through. Plastic bag + sharp corners of a table = exploded bag and ice cream goo everywhere. And that's exactly what happened.

Except it exploded on the girl doing the slapping, two unfortunate boys standing nearby, and my entire listening center.

I wasn't mad. I just said, "It was an accident. Clean it up and then join our Fun Friday."

Of course the tears came. Crying. Sobbing while cleaning up ice cream from the crevices of the listening center. Upset that her ice cream was ruined.

Oh, by the way, it turned out to be more like ice cream soup. Still fun!

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