Saturday, February 11, 2017

Book Raffles

Have you tried using book raffles to motivate your kiddos to branch out and read different genres? I tried this recently and it was GREAT! I ordered 10 brand new books from Scholastic. Normally, I introduce the books and just hand them out, but this week I introduced them and then laid them out for the kids to check out throughout the week. I also printed special book raffle tickets to hand out to the kiddos throughout the week. I gave the book raffle tickets out for ANY positive behaviors related to reading or writing. By Friday they had accumulated quite the haul of tickets! They were given time during Daily Five to read the book summaries and check out the books to be raffled and then were allowed to put their tickets in any bins they would like. Some dumped them all in one cup while others spread the wealth. Amazingly, no one student's name was pulled more than once! It was a great success and they kids who won promised they would pass the books along as soon as they were done!

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