Friday, June 13, 2014

Five For Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching this week for Five For Friday! 

Each day, my class counts down the days until summer vacation by popping a balloon hanging from the ceiling in our classroom. The kiddos reveal a secret note inside the balloon with something fun and different planned for that day.

Today was a paper airplane competition!

I had one student teach the other kids how to make a basic paper airplane. I also printed some templates from online to use. We spent time making them, and then competed! It was a lot of fun!!!

Up next? Pizza Box Writing Portfolios!

We took our pictures this week for our portfolios! I got some pizza boxes from a local place and the kids paste their pictures to the top. Next, we select the published writing pieces from the year that we are most proud of. We made a table of contents based on a take out menu and it's pretty sweet.
Has anyone ever used Mountain Math? I really love it. I use it in fourth grade for review during centers. It's basically a flip chart. There is one handout that can be photocopied and goes with every page in the flip chart. I'm switching grade levels next year and this is one of the first items I knew I had to repurchase for my new second graders!

There is also a Mountain Math for ELA. I'm debating it for my Daily Five for second grade. 

Oh, and I recently discovered a blog that I am really into. My classroom is black and white polka dots with splashes of bright blue and pink. This lady has the polka dot thing going with yellow, and it inspired me to trade out the blues and pinks for bright yellows! I'm psyched. I'm switching classrooms (and grade levels) next year, so it gives me a chance to CLEANSE! And purge. And redecorate!!!

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