Friday, April 15, 2016

Five for Friday

Hi! I'll be linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday today. 

I've been loving GRAFFITI WALLS! They are great for review of an ELA domain in second grade. I can see what pieces of information kiddos felt were most important, plus the students absolutely adore any marker writing or Post It writing they get to do! It's an easy, collaborative review, and takes minimal set up. Throw it up during Daily 5 as a Work on Writing choice for the day!

Chalkboard Paint.
Does anyone else LOVE this stuff?

I have this tiny, annoying, yucky chalkboard. I basically only use it for the date and reminders. Chalkboard paint made it so much cuter!

We're finishing up our current read aloud, Wonder by RJ Palacio, this week. Up next? CRENSHAW by Katherine Applegate. We read The One and Only Ivan and my second graders were OBSESSED. Crenshaw is written by the same author and is about a boy whose family has to live in their van for extended periods of time. Crenshaw is the boy's imaginary friend who shows up to support him.

Here is the novel study: Crenshaw

We've been working a lot on extended responses to our guided reading texts this week. It's tough for second graders, but this checklist helps them.

I've been using the differentiated GIANT ANIMALS OF THE WORLD leveled texts from ReadingAZ and my kiddos are really engaged. They are all reading about similar creatures, but at their level. It's awesome. I love ReadingAZ.
Gotta love Lucy.


  1. Wonder is such a great book for a read aloud. I am so glad I haven't seen a chalkboard for about 8 years because I can't stand them...your chalkboard paint makes it look so much better!

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